Vagrant cheat sheet

vagrant Verify vagrant installation vagrant init hashicorp/bionic64 This will create a Vagrantfile in current directory vagrant up start the virtual machine from the Vagrantfile configuration vagrant halt shutdown VM preserving content of the disk vagrant reload This will quickly restart your virtual machine, skipping the initial import step vagrant reload –provision The provision flag on …

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in Arduino, Microcontroller

Tips For Sampling High Speed Analog Signal in Arduino/Microcontroller

In many Arduino projects, we need to sample high-frequency signals such as an audio or equivalent signal. Think about a situation we want to sample the 50Hz AC signals and want to see the signal in Arduino serial plotter in real-time. In such cases, we make a few common mistakes that can be easily avoided …

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Custom data structure design for Arduino and Microcontroller project | Part 1

Data structure provides an efficient way of organizing data and functionality in the digital system. Good data structure design makes the system efficient and fast. There are few standard data structures in computer literature. Queue Stack Array – One dimension as vector Array – Multi dimension as Matrix List Tree Apart from the standard data …

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AVR Microcontroller: What you need to start learning?

So in this blog, I will provide you the list of components and software for learning AVR microcontroller. In the last tutorial, we discussed the microcontroller. If you miss the last writing please read from here. So, the first thing you need for learning a microcontroller is a basic understanding of C programming. This is …

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Multiplexing Serial Port for Arduino and Microcontroller Project

Background Story : A few years back I have a project related to the IoT data logging system. In that project, I used SIM800L for internet connectivity and RS480 bus used for communicating with the sensor nodes. I used an atmega328 microcontroller to develop the product. I faced one problem: I needed 3 serial ports …

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in Analog Electronics

Hardware Implementation of AM Radio Transmitter and Receiver

For long-distance data transfer, the first condition of the signal power has to be enough strong. The voice signal frequency is almost below 3400Hz signal which has no good enough power to transmit long-distance. Amplitude modulation (AM) is a modulation technique in which the amplitude of a high-frequency sine wave (usually at a radio frequency) …

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Automatic Water pump controller using BJT

This is one of my favorite analog electronics projects because this is the lowest cost but efficient automatic water pump controller. Components require for this project are 3 BJT model BC547, 1 Buzzer, 1 Relay, 8 Resistors, 1 Diode, 1 Led, Wires for sensing water level.  So all the components cost not more than $1. I …

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