Python Package Management Twist All Python Beginners Should Know

Recently I have started working with deep learning although I don’t have that much knowledge over machine learning and neural network. The only thing I believe to be good at is programming. So switching to new programming is not that challenging for me. Also, I have a little bit of understanding of python before. We …

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AVR Microcontroller: What you need to start learning?

So in this blog, I will provide you the list of components and software for learning AVR microcontroller. In the last tutorial, we discussed the microcontroller. If you miss the last writing please read from here. So, the first thing you need for learning a microcontroller is a basic understanding of C programming. This is …

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Learn AVR Microcontroller

AVR Microcontroller: Getting Started from the Beginning

I am going to start a new blog series on AVR Microcontroller. This series is for those who are interested to learn microcontrollers. Before that let’s discuss what is microcontroller? In simple words, a microcontroller is a complete computer system. This might be confusing first. but trust me this is true. Think about a computer. …

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Power Factor Improvement Plant Using AVR Microcontroller | PART:02

The most challenging task  of this project is to determine power factor. Rest of the tasks are just switching Relays. So our first target is to find power factor using algorithm given in our first tutorial “Power Factor Improvement plant using AVR Microcontroller | Part:01“ Before we proceed to download the project files and open schematic …

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Multiplexing Serial Port for Arduino and Microcontroller Project

Background Story : A few years back I have a project related to the IoT data logging system. In that project, I used SIM800L for internet connectivity and RS480 bus used for communicating with the sensor nodes. I used an atmega328 microcontroller to develop the product. I faced one problem: I needed 3 serial ports …

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Hardware Implementation of AM Radio Transmitter and Receiver

For long-distance data transfer, the first condition of the signal power has to be enough strong. The voice signal frequency is almost below 3400Hz signal which has no good enough power to transmit long-distance. Amplitude modulation (AM) is a modulation technique in which the amplitude of a high-frequency sine wave (usually at a radio frequency) …

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Automatic Water pump controller using BJT

This is one of my favorite analog electronics projects because this is the lowest cost but efficient automatic water pump controller. Components require for this project are 3 BJT model BC547, 1 Buzzer, 1 Relay, 8 Resistors, 1 Diode, 1 Led, Wires for sensing water level.  So all the components cost not more than $1. I …

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