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Hardware Implementation of AM Radio Transmitter and Receiver

For long-distance data transfer, the first condition of the signal power has to be enough strong. The voice signal frequency is almost below 3400Hz signal which has no good enough power to transmit long-distance. Amplitude modulation (AM) is a modulation technique in which the amplitude of a high-frequency sine wave (usually at a radio frequency) …

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Power Factor Improvement plant using AVR Microcontroller | Part:01

Power Factor: Voltage and current are always in phase for the resistive load.But for inductive load voltage always leads current & for capacitive load current leads voltage. Power factor is the cosine of the phase difference between voltage & current. Power Factor Improvement: Power factor Improvement is minimizing the phase difference between voltage and current …

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Microcontroller Introduction

After Inventing Transistor in 1948 and Integrated circuit in 1960, a revolutionary change came into circuit design. People started solving real life problems using analog electronic components like Transistor, diode,OP-Amp  etc.After a while people realized solving real life problems, circuit requires some qualities.such as:  Arithmetic calculating ability, Decision making ability,  Time measuring ability Data saving …

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