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Vagrant cheat sheet

vagrant Verify vagrant installation vagrant init hashicorp/bionic64 This will create a Vagrantfile in current directory vagrant up start the virtual machine from the Vagrantfile configuration vagrant halt shutdown VM preserving content of the disk vagrant reload This will quickly restart your virtual machine, skipping the initial import step vagrant reload –provision The provision flag on …

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Custom data structure design for Arduino and Microcontroller project | Part 1

Data structure provides an efficient way of organizing data and functionality in the digital system. Good data structure design makes the system efficient and fast. There are few standard data structures in computer literature. Queue Stack Array – One dimension as vector Array – Multi dimension as Matrix List Tree Apart from the standard data …

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Different ways of loading datasets for machine learning and deep learning

Loading the dataset is the first task we have to do before running any model. As a beginner in machine learning, I have faced the serious problem of loading datasets. Because different tutorials follow different ways of loading datasets. For this reason, I documented the popular ways of loading datasets into your model. While training …

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